It all comes back to our love of helping.

Claudia Hidalgorojas, Owner, LMBT #11006

The thing I love most about massage is the connection you make with another person just listening to the human body. It can tell you all about someone without a single word having been said. 

I have worked in private practices, spas, and even a factory setting to help with the repetitive motion strain of the employees. Also, I’ve had the privilege of being employed as the first full-time Massage Therapist to the Charlotte Hornets for two seasons. I attended practices, every game (home and away) and had the experience of a lifetime.

Now, I am here to focus my attention on your needs. As a results-minded Massage Therapist, I personalize each session to the client’s specific needs. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping another human being.

Your Therapists

Melissa Fassett

LMBT #11410

“I’m passionate about Massage Healing, Family, Rescuing Animals & Inner Peace. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you a beginning of an investment in your health. “

Joshua Bruce

LMBT #15869

Joshua joins Zen4Life with the expertise that comes from NC Massage School, receiving a certification in Neuromuscular work, as well as Medi-Cupping. His passion for massage and body work, stems from his own experience of trauma, where massage therapy was able to keep a major neck surgery at bay and fully recover. His goal is to offer that same level of comfort, support, and healing to his clients. He has your back and everything attached!

Mary Ann Benitez

LMBT #17068

It is a privilege to serve as an instrument in your journey to repair, restore and revitalize your body. The various techniques integrated into each session will often be dictated by the plan we establish on your first visit. This plan will be dynamic, able to change as your needs and your body’s natural healing evolves. My style in one word is thorough.

My experience as a massage therapist and body worker has been diverse. Over the last 15 years, I have worked in chiropractic wellness centers, day spas and as a clinic director and instructor at a massage school. I have a degree in Biology, and am Certified in Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques, Manual Therapy, Medical Massage and Basic Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

My vision is to seamlessly blend a concrete clinical knowledge of the body with the gift of skillful touch to bring you the relief you desire.

'Jimmy' Su Tran


Expert reflexologist with a passion and knowledge to help alleviate your ailments. Reflexology is one of the most effective techniques for balancing and triggering the body's natural ability to heal. Jimmy is a loving husband and devoted father to two beautiful girls.